Red Cross Media Alerts
  Welcome to Red Cross Media Alerts
This is a public website, designed to allow Red Cross staff to push information as quickly as possible during emergencies and disasters.

This page will maintain a running log of all alerts, updates, and advisories. The text will remain simple and stripped of code, to allow for "cut-and-paste" when needed. As needed, you will also see audio files you may use as you see fit for broadcast. (Eventually, we'll have downloadable headshots available for graphics and art.)

On the right, you'll find links to the local and national Red Cross websites, as well as a local contact menu. We'll do our best to designate who is on call or unavailable at a given time.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to pass them on. Consider this a public resource, and use it often.

Ike Pigott

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An up to date feed for media interested in the activities of the Birmingham Area Chapter of the American Red Cross

Chris Osborne
Public Affairs Officer
cell 966-8795

Jean Petties
Sr. Dir., Community Relations
cell 337-1332

Lindsey Leach
Community Relations
cell 966-8793

Birmingham Area Chapter
American Red Cross
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Jefferson County EMA Alerts
Did you know that you can get immediate updates about Red Cross and Jefferson County EMA Alerts directly on your desktop? The Red Cross/EMA Desktop Alert System is a free service. The program installs in seconds, and contains no spyware or adware.
Download it today!
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