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  Bessemer Fire Response Update
Those affected by the fire in two units will be receive financial assistance from the American Red Cross Bessemer Service Center tomorrow morning while the Red Cross ARCHIE team will take care the immediate needs of those affected through this evening.
  Bessemer Fire Response

The ARCHIE team of the Birmingham Area Chapter of American Red Cross responded to a six unit apartment fire at Pine Apartments in Bessemer. Three upper level units are totally destroyed while three units below have smoke and water damage. Red Cross is currently on the scene providing assistance for those affected by the fire. We will update you with further information as it comes in.

  Center Point Apartment Fire Update
CENTER POINT, May 4, 2007- This is an update from a previous email that included preliminary information. Currently the Red Cross is providing services for more than 43 people affected by the Center Point Parkway Mirage apartment fire. We have consulted with 12 of the 13 families displaced by the fire. !6 units were damaged or destroyed, 13 of which were occupied. We are in the process of contacting the remaining family to offer assistance.

All families have shelter in vacant apartments provided by the apartment manager. A.R.C.H.I.E. (Red Cross Helps in Emergencies) staff and volunteers provided client assistance cards for basic needs including clothing, food and other immediate necessities. Lunch and snacks were served to affected families and first responders earlier today. Three case workers will remain on the scene until 3pm today. A translator from the apartment complex is also on site to assist with clients.

We will continue getting numbers and other information from people who have not sought help in order to facilitate assistance. We are working to help all clients before the close of business today. Those needing help from the Red Cross can call 205 458 8282.
  Center Point Apartment Fire
Center Point, May 4, 2007- The American Red Cross A.R.C.H.I.E. (American Red Cross Helps in Emergencies) team responded and is currently on the scene of a 2 alarm apartment fire at 1808 Centerbrook Lane. Approximately 13 units are destroyed displacing about 70 people. The apartment manager has agreed to move affected residents into vacant apartments that are available.

Red Cross staff and volunteers will serve lunch at 11:45 Friday morning from the Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV). Two case workers are on site to help those affected by the fire. Residents in need of assistance can call the Red Cross Service Center at 205 458 8799.
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° Bessemer Fire Response Update
° Bessemer Fire Response
° Center Point Apartment Fire Update
° Center Point Apartment Fire
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