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  Fire Response

The ARCHIE team of the Birmingham Area Chapter of American Red Cross responded to a multi unit apartment fire at Pearson Avenue SW. 11 units were affected - two were total destroyed and the others had light smoke and water damage. Red Cross is currently interviewing and assisting those affected by the fire and will be opening a shelter. Red Cross is also working with the local fire department to assist the victims in retrieving their medications from the damaged apartment units.  

Hopewell Church (4817 Jefferson Avenue SW Building #2, 35221) has agreed to serve as a shelter. Red Cross is working on getting supplies set up and shelter team in place by 4:00 pm. The shelter will be closing at 8:00 pm if there are no affected families needing to stay there.

  Alabama and Georgia Updates
Red Cross website links are available for updated information on the Alabama and Georgia severe weather disasters.
  Adamsville Severe Weather Response
Adamsville, Jefferson County-Red Cross volunteers responded to the Midway United Methodist Church command center in the Adamsville area shortly after the severe weather event in the Birmingham Chapter ERV (Emergency Response Vehicle). Meals are currently being served to storm evacuees and emergency personnel.

A shelter is open at the Mountain Street Church of God, 200 Mountain Street, Adamsville. It is capable of housing around 50 people. Red Cross staff members are making provisions to open another shelter in the area if and when that service is needed.

Red Cross case workers and damage assessment teams will be in the affected neighborhoods Friday morning to further assist those in need of services.

For emergency assistance please call 205 458 8282.
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° Fire Response
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° Adamsville Severe Weather Response
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